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Picking grapes is very pleasent and joyful, almost meditative moment, enjoyable by everyone. We have had grapepickers as young as three years old all up to the 90's and people from nearby and many different countries. At the very beginning we started out being the family group picking grapes, but as the word of mouth was spread, we extended the grape picking day with friends, colleagues to include all sorts of wine-nerds and keen people. There was one year a guy drove all the way from Tuscany, Italy to participate in the grape harvest and had the most fantastic time. We now proudly welcome everyone with an interrest in wine to come enjoy this moment and you will feel the passion of a grape pickers day. 


When we pick grapes we select only the best grapes. The grapes are picked by its variety so we can produce  wine from one type of grape at a time. The first grapes we tend to pick is the Cabernet Colonjes which ripens abit earlier than the other varieties. Every grape picker is with the choice of grape contributing to the high quality grape material that eventually will become wine. In that way you are part of the process of making the vintage wine of this particular year.


The morning 09.00 Saturday the second weekend in October its the annual harvest event where you can experience our way of winegrowing and winemaking. Its an open and social event for all ages where you can pick grapes, chat with the winemaker and other winenerds over a coffey and piece of bread. When all grapes are picked you may, if you are over 18 years old, buy a ticket and participate in the evening ceremony that ends this years season. To secure your place for the grape pickers day it is best to book in advance.   

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