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Visit the biodynamically grown vineyard

Single Vineyard - winegrowers vision of a grand cru-vineyard
Vejby Vingård is situated in the south-western part of Bjäre peninsula in southern Sweden, a rather rough and windy place barely suitable for cold climate winegrowing. In south Sweden the boundaries are pushed for what is possible in the international world of wine making. An early bold decision was made, the greatest challenge would be cultivating the blue grape varieties which require more warmth, care and sensitivity, and let the climate design the winestyle particular for this place. And from that idea the design of a terroir supporting the winemakers vision was created.
The vineyard is situated 1000 metres from the sea at an altitude of 21 metres above sea level. The rich soil is high quality clay and sand once risen from the sea floor after the melt of the last ice age. The ice age also created the nearby ridge called the Litorina vallen which is affecting how the prevailing winds from western sea affect the vineyard. Deep at the groundlevel in this area runs a sweet water underground river from the mountain ridge that secure the vines never go dry. The sun and the winds help dry up the vineyard after the rain keeping a dry and healthy environment.
A thick beech hedge at west protect the vineyard from autumn storms. The vineyard is covered by a thick layer of stone collected from the state railroad tunnel through the local mountain ridge of Hallandsåsen. The handsize stones are of quarts, black diabase, red granite and grey granite which helps absorbing the sunlight, creating a warm environment with a temperature of 10 to 15 degrees higher than the surroundings. In that way the temperature in the vineyard might be similar to a vineyard in parts of France, Italy and Germany, but granted the benefit of the long lasting sundowns and sun sets of Scandinavia. The vines grow organically with fertilization from horses and birds, egg and wood chips, ash and kelp and the fermented grapes from the production. The vines and leaves are sprayed with golden water, stinging nettle and compost tea. To keep the vineyard free from pests we occasionally spray with willow tea. The vineyard dog Pinot keep the vineyard free from rabbits, hare and deer. Oeil du perdrix - You may observe many wild small birds roam and nest in the vineyard. We especially look for rapphöns - the shy partridge family while tending vines.

 The opportunity the winemaker found with the choice of blue grapes is the agility of the red and rosé wine making process. If the vines in Vejby experience a warm and sunny growing season in summer the grapes will be ideal for making red wine. If the summer tends to be less warm its ideal for making rosé and sparkling wine. So either if its a good year of a bad year, Vejby Vingård always embrace, enjoy the good year and produce the very best vintage.