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When we started out we were among the youngest winemakers in Sweden. We took a daring challenge in the Nordic - making red wine. People say it is impossible to make red wine in Sweden. That is why we make red wine by the heart. Without three hundred years of family winemaking to rely on, we started out with bare hands and pure imagination. The vines are as new as our vision in the landscape. In the context of the wind, sun, soil and seasons we help the vines produce grapes and explore what wines we can make out of it. And in the winery be creative and humble to time and long term storage in the wine cellar. We make different wines every year and never the same wine twice, there is no reason, because we would not know what wine would be the best to aim for. With the blue grapes we make red wine in the good year and rosé in the less good year. We investigate different winestyles as rosé, claret and sparkling rosé and sparkling claret and different red wines. With several wines of different winestyles we present an interresting wine menue at the vineyard for visitors to explore. We change the wine list each year to promote visitors come by the vineyard, and in that way stimulate wine tourism. Meanwhile wine mature in the wine cellar. We believe the most warm welcome is the foundation of a personal experience exploring the wines of Vejby, where you can feel the sun and the salty breeze from Skälderviken, enjoy the birds sing, enjoy the the roses and tranquil peace by the fountain at Gussi Platz inner courtyard. 


Vejby Vingård is in the company of many rising pioneer vineyards in Skåne that push the boundaries of winemaking in the cold Nordics. More vineyards go commercial and the development is certainly promising. Vejby Vingård is the first commercial vineyard on the beautiful Bjäre Peninsula. We started by "the single vineyard" concept, a holistic idea that all vines, grapes and wine tended, all bottles of wine produced and stored, are also commercially served here. We aim for the exclusive moment worth remembering.

We pictured three words in one sentence, Bjäre Wine Country. And if you say it a thousand times,  produce wines, invite visitors exploring this wonderful peninsula for the reason of wine, we belive we have invented something new and  brought winetorism to Bjäre. And in order to enhance this we cooperate with other fellow winegrowers on the Bjäre peninsula and business networks in Båstad and Ängelholm.